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Fashion Wigs? Because They're Fun

Whereas once upon a time wigs were worn to cover problems or boost confidence, today they are just another part of any sophisticated wardrobe. Wearing a wig is about being spontaneous, finding new ways to express yourself, having fun and, literally, getting dressed from head to toe!

Let's face it, whenever we spend time getting dressed up for an evening, we are looking to present ourselves in a way which is different from our everyday look. We take longer applying our make-up and selecting the right outfit. And we savour that moment when we reach down to the bottom of the wardrobe to bring out those special shoes. The ones still in the box and wrapped in tissue paper, on which we spared no expense and which we know are going to make us feel elegant.

Fashion wigs give you the freedom to sport different styles, and to have fun with your entire presentation. Whether you're looking for a punchy cropped style or something long and bubbly, a fashion wig is a statement of confidence in who you are, or who you want to be, at any time you please.

To carry your new look with confidence, here are a few guidelines to follow;

  • Wear 100% natural hair wigs
    Natural hair wigs retain the oil and look more, well... natural. Confidence comes from knowing you look good, so spend as much as you are able on your new accessories.
  • Don't wear your wig straight from the packing.
    Take your human hair wig to a specialist to be washed and styled to suit you.
  • Give you wig a good foundation
    Wear a wig cap under your hair to ensure that it fits well and sits naturally.
  • Take care of your wig
    Keep your wig shape by getting a wig head and always follow a regime for washing and styling. .

At HairEasy we make wigs from 100% natural hair. We pride ourselves on being qualified in all the latest wig making techniques and it is our mission to ensure that you are completely comfortable and confident.

With over 20 years of experience in wig making, fitting and styling, we offer styling services that are considered to be among the best in Hong Kong.

As one of our loyal clients, we have already walked you through the process of caring for your wig, to ensure that it looks great for longer. However, if you're just visiting our website and would like to find out the basic of caring for you wig, you can find more information here.