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3 ways to be confident with your new hair piece

The emotions involved on going public in a hair piece for the first time range from joy at the difference in your appearance to fear of what other people are going to say, both to you and about you.

Here are 3 ways to be confident with your new look

  • 1. Know that only you can make you feel good
    Confidence doesn't come from the outside, it is not something people project upon you, but rather something that shines from inside you and projects on the people around you.

    When it comes to hair loss, and thinning, there are several courses of action you can take;

    • Leave it as it is and let nature take her course
    • Shave your head completely bald
    • Pay a fortune for expensive, and unreliable regrowth treatments
    • Get fitted with a natural, 100% human hair, hair piece by a professional hair technician

    Whatever choice you make, be confident that you are making a choice that makes you feel good. Take extra time with your grooming, stand tall in front of the mirror, and Feel Good.

  • 2. Take control of the first encounter with your friends
    If your concern is what your friends are going to say, invite your closest friends together for a night in playing poker or something. Get their initial reaction in comfort of your own home, and before the evening is done, the novelty will have worn off for them. And going out in public with them the first time will be easier. Don't forget, you are doing this for you, not for your friends. If you continue to feel confident about your choice, then your friends will soon accept it, and get used to seeing you with your new look.

  • 3. Practice confidence with strangers
    Strangers do not know you without your hair! Before you even meet with your friends for poker, you might consider just going for a walk or to do some shopping. Interact with strangers who will never know you are wearing a professionally fitted hair piece. Get used to wearing it and feeling good in it.