It is not about Hair Easy, it is about you.
Established by specialist, Pat Ma, in 2002, the principle focus of Hair Easy has always been the individual needs of each client.
Some of our clients have been with us since we opened, and they continue to return, and recommend us to their friends.
They do not return because we are the cheapest wig and hair piece salon in Hong Kong, but because we are their salon of choice. They know that we provide a personal service, built on integrity and quality.
Pat's knowledge of the wig and hair industry has strong foundations, stretching back 20 years when she first trained as a hair stylist. Upon qualifying, she chose to learn about the industry from the bottom up, and spent the next two years studying the production process of wig making at a factory in China.
Motivated by a desire to always give her clients the best she is able, Pat continues to study on an ongoing basis, regularly attending professional seminars in the U.S.
Today Pat continues to provide her clients with a one-on-one service and, together with two highly-trained, professional stylists, creates customised wig and hair pieces designed to help you look and feel good


Premium hair crafted by individual specialists.
We specialise in making pieces for people suffering from thining or balding hair, and people undergoing medical challenges including chemotheraphy and alopecia. We are very sensitive to the emotional trauma created by such extreme hair loss, and work tirelessly to provide both a product and service that will give our clients confidence.
We create hair pieces for men and women using only 100% natural human hair. We obtain the hair from ladies with long hair, and it maintains its natual protein and texture.
Each of our hair pieces is individually crafted by a professional technician. Our technicians take great pride in their work, and as each piece is a treasured creation of each specialist, the quality of the finished product is a result of the care that has been taken throughout the production process.
Your hair piece can be treated just like your natural hair. It can be permed, coloured, shampooed and blow-dried with full confidence that it will maintain its quality. You can also continue to wear your hair piece while swimming or undertaking any type of exercise.
We are commited to continuously develop our skills and our products to help you lead a full, active life, with style and confidence.




Be Confident
It is easy for people who do not experience hair loss to dismiss the issue as unimportant, but we understand how such an issue can seriously undermine you confidence.
It is likely that a hair piece is your last choice, having already tried expensive hair regeneration treatments without success. You may have seen poorly made and fitted hair pieces on other men and determined that this is not the answer for you. However, hair piece technology has made great advances in recent years, and we, at Hair Easy, pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and in always enhancing our skills in applying them.
Using the correct adhesive and with professional styling techniques, we will work to provide you with a piece that is stylish, comfortable and can be confidently worn for up to 3 weeks.
In the privacy of individual fitting rooms, we guarantee you a personal service provided by a team of professional and talented specialists.


Personal, Professional Services
Over the years we have worked with many women going through traumatic health issues, which result in severe hair loss. And we understand that the loss of hair can, for some, be as emotionally distressing as the illness itself.
We fully appreciate that whatever health issue you are facing is very personal to you and is likely having a profound impact on every aspect of your life. It is our mission to work with you to ensure that looking good during these challenging times, is not something you have to worry about.
Your visit to Hair Easy is YOUR time. It's all about you and how we can help you feel better.
In the privacy of individual fitting rooms, we guarantee you a personal service provided by a team of professional and compassionate specialists. BROWSE GALLERY